Stroke association Charity

Stoke Association Charity

The Stroke Association support people to rebuild their lives after stroke. The carry out research and offer support to patients and their families effected by a Stroke

Cavernoma Alliance UK

Cavernoma Aliance UK

Cavernoma Alliance UK is a charity for people affected by cavernoma (cerebral cavernous malformation; cavernous haemangioma;  or cavernous angioma).

epilepsy action charity

Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy Action is a UK charity, committed to a better life for everyone affected by epilepsy. They provide support and expert advice for people affected epilepsy and their families.

salford royal hospital trust

Sub-arachnoid Haemorrhage

The aim of this site is to explain Sub-arachnoid Haemorrhage (SAH) in general terms and to provide answers to some commonly asked questions.

British Association of Neuroscience Nurses


The mission of the British Association of Neuroscience Nurses (BANN) is to support and enhance the development of competence in neuroscience nursing by improving the exchange of information between Neuroscience Nurses in the UK.

brain and spine logo foundation

The Brain & Spine Foundation

The Brain & Spine Foundation provide information and support for the 350+ neurological disorders, which affect 12 million people in the UK.They provide services for people at every stage, from first symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and in the long term.

The British Neurovascular group

The British Neurovascular Group

The British Neurovascular Group promotes research into vascular diseases. The group fosters the practice of neurovascular surgery through education and audit.

Association of British Neurologists

Association of British Neurologists

The aim of the Association of British Neurologists is to promote excellent standards of care and champion high-quality education and world-class research in neurology.

British Society of Neuroradiologists

The British Society of Neuroradiologists

Developing standards, supporting education and promoting collaborative research in Neuroradiology and across the Neurosciences

society of british neuro surgeons

The Society of British Neurological Surgeons

The SBNS supports the study and advancement of neurosurgery.